Great things grow from the smallest seed...

30 Days to Healthy Living with Pippa Johnson

There are 365 days in a year - can you dedicate just 30 of them to your health and happiness?

I don't believe in fad diets (trust me I've tried them all) - the only thing that really works for optimised health and sustainable weight loss is a purely clean eating diet with regular exercise. I am delighted to now offer clients and students the opportunity to emerge into a vegan-friendly, health-kick programme for 30 days - cutting out foods that are not serving you well, such as gluten, soy, dairy, refined / high sugars, synthetic caffeine, sweeteners, preservatives and alcohol; replacing them with alternatives that DO serve you well and ensure you don't feel deprived or hungry. Clients receive a package of nutritional supplements to support the diet shift, aid digestion, boost metabolic rate, and again, prevent any feelings of being deprived. We will not be counting calories, skipping meals, or living on liquid. I want to help you create a realistic shift that all the family could enjoy.

Yoga Seed - Yoga in Hitchin

Along with the pack of nutrition supplement support, you gain private access to a support Facebook group, lead by an incredible nutritionist who shares daily tips and answers any questions you have, you received a specifically designed recipe book and a support guide booklet which I can go through with you to explain WHY we cut certain foods and to help you set goals; I can then arrange meet ups or phone calls with you to make sure your on track, if you wish.

As I'm offering a massive 40% off orders for this package at the moment - the whole plan works out at around just £7 a day! So the full, one-off payment will be £220.40.

As I mentioned, I'm also adding in yoga for clients too, as I believe health is a holistic state, so, for FREE, I will send you private links to 5 home yoga videos which are designed specifically for people on this programme. You also get a choice of either 2x free class passes or 1x free 45min private yoga session.

I honestly can say that so many people are getting such incredible results - and there's no need to just take my word on it; here are a handful of comments from previous clients -

  • "I love that I don't count calories or starve - it's just simple, clean eating with some boosters! I've even got ALL the family eating clean and healthy!"
  • "All I can say is, this is the best I have felt in my adult life! Thank you!"
  • "I have to say, I was a little sceptical at first, but I am loving it. I'm mostly noticing a change in my skin and my energy levels are super high!"
  • "I am now 3 months in to doing this plan (as I just love it!) ... I am 3.5 stones lighter, 3 - 4 dress sizes smaller, I'm sleeping better, have more energy, waking earlier. The fat on my body is melting away - no cellulite or lumpy blobs anymore! Hurrah! Thank you!"

So, if you are looking to boost energy, clear your mind, tighten up around the middle, and get the glow back in your skin... please do get in touch; it really is a pleasure to help.